The Evil Latcher Empire

 rules over the galaxy. Their Grand Commander is the chilling Terrian (aka The Lost One). The tentacle-headed aliens kidnap beings from other planets and transport them to their prison planet (Almythea) as convicts to mine crystals, vital to their survival. The Latchers’ memory-erasing weapons ensure their victims have no recollection of their former lives when they are dropped off through the Shock-Forget Net (the Net). It’s all part of their sinister plot to expand their brutal Empire – ignorant prisoners (wipe-outs) are far easier to control than informed recidivists. The Net, however, has a far more insidious purpose beyond merely erasing memory. Capable of veiling the true energy and spirit of the Synergists, benevolent immortals, destroying the Net would not only return the prisoners’ memories but the essence of their souls.

Little Hawk

 is valiant and courageous, he respects all living things and has a special bond with his magnificent white mare, Thunderheels. While he toils on Carrier 2 (a sailing-ship that delivers crystals) he dreams of being a warrior. His inseparable life-long friend, the prankster Laughing Eyes, taunts Little Hawk about his unrequited love for the skipper of their carrier, Broken Arrows. Broken Arrows, as the last born pure blood Accipitridae, is betrothed to the prophesized “Astra”, believed to be the arrogant, self-serving Gyeder. 

Broken Arrows

is a feisty and capable 19-year-old carrier skipper, who commands respect and is highly intelligent. She is connected to the magic of the land, though she is yet to harness it. 


is the self-serving man who would be king. The perceived Prince of Almythea, he believes he is the prophesized Astra. He tires of waiting for the day he can take Broken Arrows in marriage, knowing this will give him what he covets most - power.


was the Earth Mother leader of the Accipitridaens before the thousand-year war began. As leader of this benevolent extraterrestrial species, she called out to the E3 (inter-galactic freedom fighters) to help Almythea when Terrian invaded a thousand years ago. She is beautiful and enchanting with a pure soul, who has a feisty kick-ass side. Grey Paw, a member of the E3, is completely smitten by Ephrea but it is forbidden for immortals to pair bond with mortals. Over the centuries, Ephrea has largely become myth and legend but Grey Paw’s love for her is as eternal as his own existence. 

The E3

under Chensi’s rule, come to help Almythea as The Great War breaks out. Five of the E3 (Grey Paw, Petelia, Aquillo, Moonshadow and the Keeper) risk their lives and souls to take corporeal form, making them vulnerable, as “the Synergists”. Their decision to take corporeal form was an essential part of a Treaty between the E3 and Terrian to end the bloodshed. Their collective energy as Synergists forms a shield that prevents Terrian from setting foot on Almythea so long as they all keep strictly to the terms of the Treaty. They live among the Earth-born and alien species (collectively the Almytheans) in the Valley of Old Fire on Almythea. Their mission is to prepare for the day the prophesized "Astra" will arrive to set the prisoners free. In the thousand years that has passed since the Great War began, stories of the E3 are largely disbelieved and the Synergists are just considered quirky members of society. 


is the E3’s powerful leader, who is made of wind but can appear in any physical form. He is a calm, kind, benevolent leader with all-encompassing knowledge and wisdom. He drops the first defensive weapon to Almythea: a spiraling column of Cool Winds which repels evil. 

Grey Paw

is a fearsome fighter who is chosen to train the Astra. Prone to bend the rules, he is the rebel among the Synergists. With an enormous heart and a warm dazzling smile, he is philosophical but with a wicked sense of humor. If anyone is going to break the rules that keep the Treaty, and therefore the energy shield, in place, it will be Grey Paw.


is the softly spoken, serene, elegant and graceful Synergist who guides her Fleafs (clusters of tiny pixie-like creatures that flutter from her maple leaf Insignias). Her strong determined mind belies her tranquil exterior while her Fleafs deliver messages between the Synergists and the people, as well as acting as spies. In corporeal form she is a gentle street beggar, who is in tune to any show of kindness.


is the peacock feathered seer, a powerful clairvoyant who uses her Past, Present and Future Well to guide the Almytheans. She is a regal, wise, witty old seer, who receives the, sometimes cryptic, visions. She has a deep resonating voice as she announces the visions and is prone to getting confused as to whether the vision is past, present or future. In corporeal form she is an old clairvoyant that the Almytheans believe to be crazy.

The Keeper

is Centaur-like keeper of the flying Horses with Golden Hooves that telepathically connect with their riders. He is akin to a royal knight in armor and carries a glaive. He is abrupt in conversation, except when talking to his beloved horses. In corporeal form he is a horse shoesmith and strapper.


became “The Lost One” when he broke away from the benevolent ways of the E3 to conquer worlds, using science, technology and genetic manipulation as his weapons. His foul temper is only matched by his insatiable desires both gross and galactic. His face transforms from sly and sinister to fully demonic, depending on his mood. As their Grand Commander, he rules the Latchers in alliance with his lieutenant Raven Weaver. 


is the butterfly-covered carer of the orphans, a medium who has a link to the Elysian Fields, where the Synergists exist when (rarely) in non-corporeal form. She is younger than Petelia and Moonshadow and prone to forget she is a Synergist when she is in Almythean form. 

Raven Weaver

is an evil beauty - a malevolent, ten-foot tall female hybrid-humanoid/raven creature with highly-advanced abilities bestowed on her by The Lost One. Even though she is an enforcer who harbors a hatred of all men, her agenda is not entirely in sync with her leader's and we can’t help wondering if she’s really all bad. 


are reptilian creatures who are unintelligent and easily manipulated. They are brutal and there are thousands of them. Each night they worship in a massive tower under the Helix that controls them on Terrian’s home world - the Crumbling Planet, Callisus.   

Laughing Eyes

is a prankster with a lion's heart. He is loyal and kind and often hilarious. Although competent as a deckhand on Carrier 2, he’s a poor horseman on land, frequently falling off his horse. This seems to delight the young shoesmith and strapper, Takoda 


is a boy who has an affinity with horses. He is a cheeky, loveable child who constantly teases Laughing Eyes, pulling pranks on the biggest prankster of them all. Although he lives in the orphanage, Little Hawk and Laughing Eyes treat him like a little brother. He tends to their horses and teaches Laughing Eyes to be at one with his horse (to stop falling off). As he was deposited on Almythea through the Child Helix, no one knows who his family are or where he came from. Often he seems wiser than his years, quoting myth and legend. 

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